Printed textiles

Recent Project:

Digitally printed fabric based on watercolor design. Collaboration between myself and Blake Peterson. 2015


IMG_3217 Stretchy nylon print, berries, ferns and ants 2014

dfasdIMG_3095 IMG_3096  IMG_3121

blue scarf ws 3

In 2009, I began collaborating with fellow printmaker Blake Peterson to create digitally printed silk scarves. The scarves were created in two distinct series:  ‘Animals, Manimals, Food and Flowers,’ which contains sketchbook derived imagery, and the ‘Street and Space,’ which is based on photographs taken in Glasgow, Scotland. The fabric was printed at the Glasgow Center for Advanced Textiles and the scarves feature a french hand-rolled hem.  

Street and Space

Inspired by foggy Glasgow alleyways. Digitally printed 30 x 30″ silk scarves, designed by myself and Blake Peterson. 

Animals, Manimals, Food and Flowers

24 x 24″ digitally printed organic silk scarves featuring illustrations. 

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