For the past 6 years I have been collaborating with fellow artist/printer Blake Peterson, on a variety of multi-media projects.

Blobascapes (2014)

blobascape no. 6 zoe phillips

Digital print of mixed medial sculpture. By Zoe Phillips and Blake Peterson 2014.

Golden Raspberries (2014)

Lost Sheep in Glasgow (2011-12)

‘Lost Sheep in Glasgow’ (2011) is a photographic & video piece with performative aspects.  Blake Peterson and Zoe Phillips created a symbolic character to explore ideas of cultural identity – essentially, someone trying (and failing) to integrate themselves into another culture.  The sheep, attempts to “fit in” by going to places normally highly populated – only to find them deserted.

Media: Digital Photographs + Stop-Motion Animation

Dimensions (Photographs): 24 x 33 in

Video Duration: 0 min, 48 seconds meant to be looped indefinitely.  The video was exhibited at the2012 Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art (GI) for ‘No Man’s Land’ at the Arches, Glasgow.

 Chit Chat Tummy (2011)

chit chat still 2011


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